We are here!

Team life through language has arrived in the Netherlands! After an exciting transatlantic flight, (the first ever for some!) we are currently making our way from Amsterdam to Leeuwarden and are posting live from the train!

Our team before taking off in Philadelphia for Amsterdam. From left to right, Rhett, Amanda, Jess, Kelsey, Imoni, Case, and, TJ

We have spent the past 2 months preparing for this project and we are all looking forward to what will unfold. Our trip is different than most of past iMedia fly-in trips in that we pitched projects to our client as opposed to our client asking us for something in particular. This allowed us to get super creative with some of our ideas, and the possibilities were many. Our initial list included around 15 ideas, but we were able to narrow it down to 5 which were pitched to our client, Mirjam, via Skype. In the end, Mirjam and her team opted for the mini documentary project, which will include a video or series of videos that portrays people from different language backgrounds talking about or “doing” a word/phrase that we provide. For example, love, which could include actions like hugging or holding hands as well as words spoken about love in different languages. This project idea really seemed to connect with the overall goal of the language pavilion, which is where this will exist throughout the duration of the European Capital of Culture in Leeuwarden.

Meeting as a team
Skyping with Mirjam

Tomorrow we officially begin filming and have our first interview bright and early with a Dutch sign language speaker. We will also be visiting the Frisian Design Academy where we will have a designated work space for the coming days. For now we are off to sliep (Frisian for sleep) after a very long day of travel. Goed nacht foar no (good night for now!)

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