The First Interview

We jumped right on in to our project this morning and started off with our first interview with Sofie Helleman, a speaker of Dutch Sign Language. Did you know that there are many different kinds of Sign Language? The Dutch Sign Language that Sofie used today is different than the American Sign Language that we see in the United States. Sofie will be interning at Afûk, our clients organization, starting in February. One of the many unique features of the language pavilion is the incorporation of a Deaf wait staff at the cafe within the pavilion. This is meant to spread more awareness about the language and to encourage patrons to try to use Sign Language even if they never have before.

This first interview was filmed at the Frisian Design Factory, where we have a beautiful group workspace for the coming days. The Frisian Design Factory is part of the NHL University of Applied Sciences and provides students with opportunities to work on real assignments from companies. Students work to look for concrete solutions to multidisciplinary problems and to find cross-sector innovations/solutions.


We spent the afternoon working and walked over to Afûk to meet with Mirjam and see the park where the Language Pavilion will soon reside.
One of the other components of Afûk is a book store featuring all Frisian language books and books about Fryslan.

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