Taal is for Language

This project is all in honor of the beauty and importance of taal, which is Frisian for language. The main languages spoken in Friesland are Dutch and Frisian.  Frisian language looks similar to both Dutch and English because they are closely related, however are still much different. Additionally, they look similar to Afrikaans sound and grammar. Despite their similarity, Frisian can be hard to learn which is why Dutch or English may be the first language of choice for many households.

One of the other components of Afûk is a book store featuring all Frisian language books and books about Fryslan.

Afûk, our client, promotes minority languages, but especially promotes the Frisian language. There are also many forms of Frisian including Saterland, Western, and Northern spoken in Germany or in Friesland. However, there are Frisian speakers found in Canada, migrants to the U.S., and other parts of Europe.

Many signs in Friesland are in Dutch or English, while few may have Frisian. In Leeuwarden, many speak Dutch first because they know that most everyone will know how to speak it.  However, the goal of Afûk is to get people to speak Frisian first!

To learn a little bit of Frisian, try and guess what the words translate to in the trivia below!




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