We are so incredibly lucky to be working with our client, Mirjam. She arranged for an incredible day today filled with meetings and introductions to incredible people and organizations who have been working on content for the European Culture of Capital celebration. We started off the morning at Grendel Games where we met with Tim Laning, the founder and commercial director of the company. The mission statement of the company is this: “We want to develop seriously entertaining games that contribute to positive change in people and the world around us.” These seriously entertaining games are actually referred to in the industry as serious games. These are games that are designed for a primary purpose other than entertainment. He shared some of the projects that their team has completed in the past and we were all blown away. One example is a game they created called Underground. The game was created as a way to give trainee surgeons the opportunity to practice their skills and encourage them to complete the necessary amount of training hours to keep their skills up to date. The game was incredibly successful, winning numerous awards and even appearing in the BBC documentary, “Horizon: Are Video Games Really That Bad?” This was only one of many examples of incredible games that Grendel has created. We all walked out feeling greatly inspired.

Following our time at Grendel Games, we went to lunch with Mirjam and were introduced to her colleague Willy, who is also working on projects for the language pavilion, and Sylke, a student studying international business at NHL University. They both were thrilled to set up a time for us to interview them as well as connect us with some of their colleagues who speak different languages. We are looking forward to seeing how that unfolds in the coming days.

Finally we visited BW H Ontwerpers, one of the design agencies that has created much of the content for the European Capital of Culture celebration. They shared some of their recent projects with us as well and walked us through their design process. Being able to visit a professional agency was a great experience for us all as students who have been studying and learning how to produce much of the content that BW H Ontwerpers creates. I think I can speak for us all when I say visiting both Grendel Games and BW H Ontwerpers made us excited for our own future careers.

Some of our team enjoying some cover from the rain at the local market.
Walking around the streets of Leeuwarden.
Photographing the canals.

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