Walking around Leeuwarden

Today we went on a free walking tour of Leeuwarden to see more of the city and learn about the place we’ve been in now for 5 days. The city is incredibly walkable and we’ve been able to walk everywhere we go, so a walking tour was a great way to see more of the city. We learned some fun new things about Leeuwarden to! Did you know that the province of Friesland, which Leeuwarden is the capital of, was built on 1,000 mounds of dirt? Way back when there was a sea that covered this entire area and in order to build on it they had to construct mounds of dirt called terpen. Today there are about 100,000 people that live in the city.

Following the walking tour, we spent our afternoon working away at our project. We have been busy with a variety of things including planning and scheduling interviews, cutting and editing footage, designing graphics to accompany the video, and continuing to identify people and places we want to film before we leave.

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