A Day in the Life

Beyond the beautiful pictures you may be wondering what our daily tasks are during our stay in Leeuwarden. Our team may be enjoying the scenery and what the city has to offer, however there is a lot of behind the scenes work in order to create an amazing project. Here’s a day in the life of team Life Through Language.

In order to come on a fly-in such as this it takes a lot of preparation. When we were given this project in late October we started to draft plans and communicating with the client via Skype. Several pitches were given until our client decided what worked best. Once an idea was settled we went in with more details, and before we knew it we were packing our equipment to fly to the Netherlands.



Once here, our days have been filled with gathering useful content. Because our project will be a documentary of sorts, several interviews have been conducted and scheduled.  Additionally, because this documentary will be broadcasted in the language pavilion our project is filled with a variety of languages. B-roll and several pictures are taken to add to the documentary and other elements needed to complete our final presentation back at Elon. If we’re not actively working in the city, our client has kindly put together meet-ups with professionals in our line of work. These professionals are rooted in Leeuwarden, which allows us to make connections in the community and gain insight on industries available in interactive media (iMedia).

When we come back to our living space we begin to gather content from the day and put our heads together. This consists of editing footage, translating interviews, editing photos, and there’s even been an opportunity to create something in graphic design. We always cap the day discussing what we have completed and what’s planned for the following day! We take a second to enjoy the beautiful town of Leeuwarden or stay cozy in our hostel until we do it all over again the next day.

The great thing about this project is the chance to make connections, work with an amazing team, and utilize the skills we have learned in the iMedia program.


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