The Client

We are working with Afûk, an ANBI organization, or a public benefit organization, focusing on connecting and sharing languages and cultures. According to their mission statement: “Our goals are: language promotion, language transfer and cultural transfer. And because they are not detached from each other, we want to pursue a coherence. We focus on the entire Frisian community of the baby to the elderly. We want to connect Friesland with the world and the world with Friesland.” They are working on a number of projects that echo their mission statement. These include the language pavilion (what our team is creating content for), providing educational courses for individuals that are interested in learning the Frisian language, and providing courses on multilingualism. They also run their own book store, which sells Frisian books and related content. They publish roughly 60 books each year.

We have been working directly with Mirjam Vellinga, the project manager at Afûk. Some of her interests include sociolinguistics, minority languages, and social media. She has been with the organization for the last 20 years and has been an absolute joy to work with.