The Project

Our team traveled to the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands to work with Afûk, an organization focused on sharing and connecting languages and cultures. Our team is working with Afûk on the language pavilion project, which is part of the European Capital of Culture celebration that will be taking place in Leeuwarden from April to October 2018. The language pavilion is located in Prinsentuin Park in the center of Leeuwarden and is a space for patrons to learn about and experience minority languages from all over Europe. Throughout the duration of the celebration, about 30 different linguistic communities will be featured at some point within the language pavilion. 10 of these communities are from the province of Friesland, 10 from Europe as a whole, and 10 from the city of Leeuwarden.

Our team created a short documentary highlighting interactions and expressions of different languages. This documentary will be featured in the language pavilion. While in Leeuwarden we had the opportunity to interview 12 different individuals who collectively spoke 17 different languages. We created a poster to accompany the short documentary, which will serve as a visual to feature the individuals that we interviewed and the languages that they spoke. Finally, we created a trifold that will sit on each table in the language pavilion that will teach patrons how to order various items in sign language. The wait staff that will be working in the pavilion are all Deaf, so we wanted to provide opportunities for patrons to learn how to use Sign Language to order.


Our Interviewees

Hover over each photo to see the 12 individuals we were fortunate enough to interview and the language(s) they spoke!